Rite Aid Negotiations Update – January 27, 2020

Rite Aid Negotiations Update – January 27, 2020

Rite Aid continues trying to deceive members by making false claims about “mirroring the existing Trust Fund Gold medical plan.” In reality, the company is eliminating its employees' existing sick leave benefits, eliminating benefits for almost all new employees, and forcing members to change medical and dental providers.

Rite Aid isn't “mirroring” when it's eliminating benefits and forcing employees to go to different medical providers because they are not covered under the company’s plan.

Our members realize how many new faces they see working in their stores each year. In a few short years, the company will again try to pit new hires against current workers and retirees.

It’s a common tactic for this company to try to divide its employees. Management is trying to create fear and division because they know there is strength in unity.

Rite Aid is fearful because almost 20% of its stores are in California, and our state accounts for a large percentage of Rite Aid's overall revenue.

This company does not seem to care about keeping faith with the retirees who built its business — the same retirees who were promised benefits under the jointly administered benefit plan. We do care. It’s why we fight for past, present and future workers.

Other Union locals in California and across the United States are joining the fight to keep your existing benefits. Stand strong, stay united and we will prove yet again...

Solidarity Works!


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